Visa Credit Cards

VISA Platinum Credit Card

Priority First Federal Credit Union offers all qualifying members the VISA Platinum Card. In addition to a low rate, our VISA Platinum Card offers a credit limit from $250 to $10,000. It’s important to understand this is a non-adjustable rate and won’t fluctuate with the economy! Rates are determined by each member’s creditworthiness. In other words, if you have a strong credit, you will receive a highly competitive rate!




This card is a great option for debt consolidation and balance transfers from other high-rate cards and loans. In fact, members can take advantage of our balance transfer special available through where you can transfer other credit card balances to your Priority First VISA Platinum for as low as 1.99% with no balance transfer fee! See our terms and conditions for more details.

VISA Credit Card
8.90% – 15.40% APR
Minimum Payment is the greater of 2% of the total balance or $20 plus any past due amounts and over limit amounts.

In addition to low interest charges, you’ll also enjoy these other great features:

  • No annual fee
  • Make purchases at merchants worldwide displaying VISA logo
  • 25-day grace period on purchases
  • Auto Rental Coverage*
  • Baggage Delay Insurance*
  • Cell Phone Protection*
  • Purchase security and Extended Protection*
  • Return Protection*
  • Roadside Dispatch*
  • Travel and Emergency Services*
  • Emergency cash and card replacement*

Apply for a VISA Platinum Card

Members with a Priority First VISA Credit Card may also access their credit card information through Online Banking or GoToMyCard.
VISA Disclosure Information | VISA Credit Card Agreement.

*Terms and Conditions of Enhancements
Priority First’s Visa Platinum Card also includes the added protection of EMV Chip technology. EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) technology includes computer chips that authorize or validate payment card transactions. This provides increased security on personal information during transactions in order to prevent fraud. The embedded chip works by authorizing transactions with a single-use code, protecting your card from unauthorized use. Instead of swiping the card, you’ll insert it into the front of enabled point-of-sale terminals and leave it there until the transaction is complete. For those merchants that haven’t transitioned to this upgraded technology, you may still utilize the magnetic stripe and swipe your card.

VISA Credit Card Enhancements COMING SOON!

As part of Priority First Federal Credit Union’s commitment to providing superior service to our members, we are making enhancements to our credit card program. Current cardholders will receive a new VISA® credit card prior to the activation date of Saturday, July 10, 2021.

Benefits & Enhancements Include:

  • NEW contactless feature
  • NEW branded card design with credit card number, name, etc. printed on back for enhanced security.
  • NEW online credit card account access
  • NEW program allows for each person associated with your credit card account to receive a card with a different number. This allows for continued use of cards by others if one person loses their card.
credit card

Additional Information

RATES: Your VISA® credit card rates & terms will remain the same.

RECURRING CHARGES: Upon receiving your new card, remember to update your payment address and card number for any recurring payments currently charged to your credit card.

ALERTS: Unfortunately, existing credit card alerts will not be converted. However, we will be offering new updated alert options – stay tuned for updates!

ACCESS: Online access to your credit card account will no longer be through GoToMyCard. Be sure to download any prior statements or account information you may need for your records. You will have anytime access to your credit card account data through our website located under the Borrow tab on the VISA Credit Cards page.

SUSPECTED FRAUD: In the case of any suspected fraud, you will see the following number on your caller ID: 855-553-4290.


Contact us at 1-800-368-0739 (or your local branch) with questions regarding your new VISA® credit card.