Teller Services

Teller Checks

Withdraw funds from your account in the form of a Teller Check. It’s safer and more convenient than carrying cash. And for your peace of mind, payment on a Teller Check can be stopped if the check is lost or stolen.

Cashier’s Checks

When you need funds that are guaranteed, such as for real estate or commercial transactions, we offer Cashier’s Checks. A Cashier’s Check may be purchased with available funds from your account or with cash. We then create a Cashier’s Check drawn on the Credit Union and not on your personal account. This form of check is considered secure because the Credit Union is the payer of the check. You can request a Cashier’s Check in any dollar amount you need.

Money Orders

Money orders work just like a check. You can use them to pay bills or any other payments, up to a maximum amount of $1,000 per money order. They are also easy to use. We imprint the dollar amount on the money order, so all you have to do is write in the name of the payee. And to give you peace of mind, money orders can be traced if lost or stolen.

Wire Transfers

A wire transfer is convenient when you need to have money transferred between the Credit Union and another financial institution because it is quick and safe. A domestic wire transfer within the United States and its territories generally will be received within one business day. An international wire transfer requires an intermediary bank and will take longer.

If you are having a wire sent to your Priority First Federal Credit Union account, the following information will be required by the sender:

  • Receiving Bank: VIZO Financial Corporate Credit Union
  • ABA Routing Number: 231387550
  • Further Credit: Priority First Federal Credit Union, 364 Midway Dr., DuBois, PA 15801
  • Acct. #2433798730100
  • Final Credit: Member Name, Member Number, Account Type – Savings or Share Draft (Checking).

VISA Gift Cards

Shopping for the perfect gift is easy with a VISA Gift Card! Gift Cards can be loaded with amounts from $10 to $500 and are accepted worldwide, wherever the VISA logo is displayed. Gift cards can be purchased at any branch.

Night Drop

Take advantage of PFFCU’s Night Drop when you can’t get to us during regular business hours. Prepare your transaction, be sure to include a deposit slip or your account information and put everything in an envelope. Then just drop the envelope in the Night Drop safe. Envelopes are processed each business day before the branch opens and your transaction is verified and recorded.

All five branch locations have a Night Drop, with most located in the Drive-Up lane nearest the building.

Coin Machine

For your convenience, the DuBois office offers a coin counting machine. It is located behind the teller line, so you will have to ask a Member Service Representative to access it for you. No need to separate your coin by denominations beforehand. The machine counts the coin twice for accuracy and issues a receipt showing your grand total. The coin machine is for PFFCU member’s use only.