Personal Loans & LOCs


Personal Loans

Our Signature or Personal Loans offer a one-time loan advance without securing property and are perfect for unexpected expenses or an urgent large purchase. Our quick approval process is ideal if you need funds in a hurry. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing you have set terms and monthly payments.

EZ Line of Credit

Not sure how much you’ll need or when you’ll need it? The EZ Line of Credit is an open-ended loan. Complete an application once, and from that point forward you can use your line of credit whenever needed. Simply contact us to request an advance or make a transfer through Home Banking or M.A.T.T. Your line of credit can also be accessed through your share draft (checking) account for overdraft protection.

Priority First FCU offers unsecured loan programs that do not require collateral. Unsecured loans are issued based on your creditworthiness and supported by your promise to pay it back.