Club Accounts

holiday clubs

‘Tis the Season!

A Holiday Club Account is a way to help members save money throughout the year for upcoming holiday expenses. By planning ahead for holiday expenditures, you avoid building last minute credit card debt that lasts well after the season is over. This account may be opened at any time of the year. Deposits can be made directly, by transfer or through payroll deduction. On October 1st, we will transfer the balance including any interest earned to your share draft (checking) account, just in time for holiday shopping!

vacation club

Save For Your Get Away!

The first two steps toward making a vacation affordable are to:

1. Save for it
2. Determine how much to spend

Socking away the money months before you leave means less financial pain after you return. Like a holiday club, the vacation account sets aside funds for a specific purpose – in this case, a trip. It may be opened at any time, and there are no withdrawal restrictions