Priority Employer Program (PEP)

The purpose of this program is to provide additional benefits to employers with a large number of Priority First Federal Credit Union members. Join the Priority Employer Program and make a bold statement to your employees that they deserve to have an option in financial institutions. It’s a great way to expand your current benefits package at no cost!

How Do We Help You?

We recognize that you are busy with your own duties and responsibilities in the workplace. That’s why we provide all of the tools you’ll need, such as:

  • Onsite Educational Events – Schedule on-site consumer seminars by credit union professionals and sign-up days at your office.
  • New Employee Orientation Packets – Get credit union membership kits to share with new hires during orientation.
  • Quarterly Newsletters – Get the Priority First FCU Newsletter with the latest promotions and helpful financial guidance.
  • Bulletin Board Announcements – Get credit union announcements you can post right on your company bulletin board.
  • Informative Handouts & Brochures – These will give tips and tricks to stay financially stable.
  • Paycheck Stuffers – Receive paycheck stuffers you can include in your pay envelopes announcing credit union services.

What Do You Get?

To show our gratitude, we’ve lined up a few thank yous:

  • Shout outs on our social media pages.
  • Features in our Quarterly Newsletter.
  • Features on our website under our Priority Employer Program.


Phone: 814-371-4817