Text Banking

Text Banking


Use Text Banking & Take Finances into your own Hands!

Priority First FCU Text Banking is a service that will allow you to request and retrieve your account information via SMS text messages. By simply sending a short text message to our Credit Union number you can receive account information and make transactions on your mobile phone. Because messages are short this calls for less chance of errors. Once a message is sent we will fulfill the command within seconds! It’s easy, convenient and allows you to stay in control with customized alerts that keep you informed wherever you are. You can send a text message command to receive a text reply regarding the balance of your; savings, checking, certificates and loans.

How to Enroll

You can enroll into Priority First FCU Text Banking by clicking here.
Click on the “Sign up” link to begin. You will need your account number, last name, SSN and your phone number. Once entered, press the verification button to receive your first text message. Enter the code that was sent to your mobile phone to set up your mobile service. Next you’ll activate your accounts and assign nicknames to your accounts to help disguise information. Phone activation will occur within minutes of completing enrollment.
Once you are enrolled into Text Banking, you can send text commands to (814) 667-4001 to instantly receive account information. Be sure to store our text banking phone number in your contact list of your mobile phone.

Text Commands are as Follows:

Text Banking 
ACCTS List all accounts
BAL (nickname)
ex) bal share1
ex) bal all
Obtain balance for an account
Obtain balance for all accounts
HIST (nickname)
ex) hist loan2
History inquiry for an account
SETBAL (nickname) (amount)
ex) setbal club1 1000.00
Set a low balance alert amount
STOP Stop receiving text messages
RESUME Resume receiving text messages
TRANS (amount) (from nickname) (to nickname)
ex) trans 120.00 share1 club1
Balance transfers
HELP Lists help information
CMD Lists all commands available to use