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Browse Thousands of Vehicles with our Member Auto Center!

The online Member Auto Center is your one-stop shop for planning your next vehicle purchase!
We’ve got tons of resources for members thinking about buying a new car. One of the most valuable is the online Member Auto Center. You can now search smart through THOUSANDS of new and used vehicles, and filter by make, model, maximum price and zip code to find your perfect match. Or, build your own car and receive local dealer price quotes. Be sure to check out the preferred dealers page.

While you’re there, get pre-approved for your auto loan without ever leaving home, and save time at the dealership. It’s a quick and simple online application that shows you just how much you can spend.

You can also use loan calculators and compare the value of a variety of different vehicles. Read through car buying advice from the professionals, so you know all about price negotiation, the trade-in, warranties and vehicle maintenance. We’ve got tips on everything from choosing the car you want, to finding it for the best price and determining your bottom line.

Click through all of the tabs for information on topics you might never have anticipated throughout the auto-buying process. There’s no better way to find the best deal than to be prepared before you shop.

And it’s not just new cars…you can search vehicle values for:

Everything you need is accessible from our website on your desktop or mobile device. Visit the online Member Auto Center and search smart today!