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Courtesy Pay


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Courtesy Pay is a non-contractual courtesy that the Credit Union, at its discretion, extends to members who have had a share draft account for 90 days and maintained it in good standing. It is not a loan. Checks, ACH debits or bill payment items that overdraw your account, up to a limit of $500 (including the $28 Courtesy Pay fee per item) may be honored. For example, being returned to the merchant due to insufficient funds, the Credit Union may pay the item, saving you the embarrassment and additional charges from the merchant or its collection company that an inadvertent overdraft can cause. You then have up to 30 days to make your share draft account current. The Courtesy Pay feature doesn’t cost you anything unless you use it, at which time it will cost you $28 for each item presented and paid.

If you have already set up overdraft protection from your Share Savings or Line of Credit, these services will be utilized first in the order that you have requested before Courtesy Pay is used.

Since Courtesy Pay is a discretionary service, there is no need to apply for it. However, you may opt out of Courtesy Pay. Complete an Opt-Out Form and return it to us via mail, in person or call us at 814.371.4817 or Toll Free at 800.368.0739 to have a form mailed to you. Courtesy Pay can be revoked or temporarily suspended if your account is no longer in good standing or if you abuse the service.

Click Here for Courtesy Pay Opt-Out Form