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ATM & EMV Debit Cards


EMV Debit MasterCard®

If you have a share draft (checking) account with Priority First, you can request an EMV Debit MasterCard®. Priority First’s EMV Debit MasterCard® can be used to access your funds from ATMs as well as make purchases at millions of merchants worldwide. EMV is short for “Europay, MasterCard and Visa” and is the new global standard to authenticate chip-card transactions. Our EMV Debit cards utilize the latest technology to protect your in-store purchases. These newly improved cards offer added security to help safeguard your card from being breached at merchants.

The embedded chip works by authorizing transactions with a single-use code, protecting your card from unauthorized use. Instead of swiping the card, you’ll insert it into the front of enabled point-of-sale terminals and leave it there until the transaction is complete. For those merchants and ATMs that haven’t transitioned to this upgraded technology, you may still utilize the magnetic stripe and swipe your card. Depending on the retailer, you may be required to input your PIN, instead of signing for your purchase.

Card Access

You may access your accounts with Priority First Federal Credit Union via an EMV Debit MasterCard®. You will receive a PIN number for your card when it is issued. If you would like to change the PIN number to one that is easier for you to remember, take the PIN number you were issued to the ATM machine with you, use it to access your account and then choose the “Change PIN access” button.

The daily ATM withdrawal limit on your EMV Debit MasterCard® is $500 and the daily POS limit is $1,000 for a total daily limit of $1,500.

If you use your EMV Debit MasterCard® as a debit card at a POS (Point of Sale) terminal with your PIN, Priority First will not charge you for this transaction. If you push the button for “credit” or say “credit” when paying with your EMV Debit MasterCard®, the amount of your purchase will still be deducted from your share draft account. Priority First does not charge a fee for using your EMV Debit MasterCard® this way. If you sign up for a recurring payment on your EMV Debit MasterCard® and there are not funds available in your account to cover it, you will incur a fee. Please refer to the Fee Schedule.

MasterCard SecureCode™

Further protect your purchases with the added security of MasterCard® SecureCode™. Once you’ve registered and created your own private SecureCode™, you will be automatically prompted by your financial institution at checkout to provide your SecureCode™ each time you make a purchase with a participating online merchant. Your SecureCode™ is quickly confirmed by your financial institution and then your purchase is completed. Your SecureCode™ will never be shared with the merchant. It’s just like entering your PIN at an ATM. Learn more or sign up here.

Lost or Stolen Cards

To report your ATM Card lost or stolen, call the Credit Union at (800) 368-0739. After normal operating hours, call (800) 528-2273.

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