Account Alerts

Account Alerts

Track Your Account Activity Using Account Alerts!

Priority First FCU Account Alerts is a service that allows you to receive timely notifications via SMS text message and/or email, to keep you informed of your account activity.  Examples of this would be receiving notifications when your loan payment is almost due or if your account balances fall below a set amount.  Account Alerts are available through Online and Mobile Banking.  It’s easy, convenient and allows you to stay in control with customized alerts that keep you informed wherever you are. 

*Priority First FCU does not charge you a fee for using the Account Alerts service.  However, your wireless carrier may charge you for receiving the text messages you receive from us related to this service. 

How to Set up Account Alerts:

  1. Log in to your Online Banking Account online or through the Mobile App.
  2. Click on the Alerts tab (located in the drop-down menu of the Mobile App).
  3. Add a cell phone number if you want to receive text messages.
    • You will receive a 6 digit code via text message to validate your cell phone number.
  4. Alerts can be received 24/7, which is the default setting.  You can limit this by clicking change and inputting a time frame during the day when you want to receive them.
  5. Alerts can be setup on share, share draft and loan accounts, as well as other accounts you are joint on.
  6. Alerts can be received through email, text or both.
  7. Alerts can be setup for the following: purchase or withdrawal amount, deposit or credit amount, low account balance, Overdraft fees, NSFs, Courtesy Pay fees, check hold released and checks cleared.  For loans, you can be setup to be notified of an upcoming payment due date.