Visit Us When Life Changes

Life changes require more than an emotional adjustment–they require a visit to your Priority First Federal Credit Union branch.

* Decide if you’re going to pool your assets or maintain separate share draft/checking or savings accounts. See your credit union representative for help once you’ve made that decision and to open these accounts.

* If you have a credit card issued by Priority First, notify us of your name change.

* Update beneficiaries on your IRAs (individual retirement accounts) and other investments.

* Priority First can help you examine financial accounts and determine where you stand financially.

* Visit the credit union to open and fund a share draft/checking and savings account in your own name. Get a credit card in your own name and manage it carefully.

Death of a spouse or parent
* Inform all creditors, including Priority First, of the death.
* Cancel any automatic or online bill paying services unless you’ll continue to use them.

Expecting a new baby (birth or adoption)
* The officers and staff at Priority First can help you look at what you owe and what you make, and create a budget.