Fee Schedule

Priority First FCU Fee Schedule

The fees appearing within this schedule are effective October 15, 2018.

If you have any questions or require additional fee information on your accounts, please call the Credit Union.


Share Draft Account Fees
ACH / Check / Bill Pay Stop Payment $15.00 per Item, $20.00 per Range/Item
Courtesy Pay $28.00/Item
Share Draft Printing Prices vary by style


Fee Schedule – Other Service Fees – Applicable to all accounts
Account Closed Within 90 Days $5.00
Account Inactivity No activity for 2 years, $5.00/Month
Account Reconciliation/Research $10.00/Hour
Approved on-us cashed checks for non-members $5.00 per Check
ATM Withdrawals at ATM not owned by PFFCU 6 Free/month then $0.75 per Transaction
Cashier’s Check $10.00 per Check
Check Cashing or Cash Back on Deposited Item (Share account only & cash back greater than account balance) $5.00
Escheat Processing $25.00
Foreign Check Collection $10.00
Money Order $1.00/Item
NSF $28.00 per item
Reg D $10.00 per Pre-authorized transaction exceeding 6/Month
Return Deposit / Payment Item $15.00 / Item
Stop Payment on Money Order / Teller Check $15.00/Item
Teller Checks Payable To Third Party 3.00/check
VISA and MasterCard Replacement Card $5.00
VISA Gift Cards $3.00/Card
Western Union Wire/ Domestic or International $35.00
Wire Transfer – International $60.00 per transfer
Wire Transfer – Outgoing $15.00 per transfer