We Can Help You Pay for College

Few decisions rival the importance of choosing a college. For each school you consider, it seems there are a thousand questions: Does it excel in my course of study? How will I afford tuition?

Fortunately, Priority First FCU offers the Student Choice loan program that you and your parents can use to foot the college bill. Compare these Priority First FCU loan offerings to see which ones best suit your needs:
The Credit Union Student Choice Loan The Credit Union Student Choice Loan is a way to fill the financial gap that scholarships, grants, and other federal aid doesn’t cover. You’ll get significant cost-savings by choosing your Credit Union’s student loan over other lenders. • No origination fees • Lower interest rates • Line of credit up to $75,000 • Apply only once • Deferment of principal and interest while in school • Flexible repayment terms including graduated repayment for...
Start Them Young to Learn How to Save
By teaching kids how to save for their goals, they'll have one of the most difficult aspects of saving under their belt by the time they're teens—being a consistent saver. Here are just a few clues to help teach kids of different ages about being a savings sleuth: * Have young children—preschool age—sort different types of money into piles by color and size. * At the grocery store, let kids of all ages help you shop. Teach them how to comparison shop—for example, show them that for every $4.85 box of cereal, there may be similar brands on sale for half as much. * As kids get older, let them know what things cost. Share sales receipts and bills that you receive for items or services you've purchased for them. * If you decide to pay your kids an allowance, include them in the decision. Discuss allowance amounts and what...
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